Life is about “ rencontres “ and like a puzzle everyone build their specific and personal story by combining energy with people they meet along the way.


Despite their different background Nathalie Verre, Nathalie Renauld, Sandra Encaoua and Nathalie Garrison share the same French roots which give them a common link at the first place. After several meetings it appeared that they shared the same way to approach people combining high standard of services and humanity so to speak. Created with this kind of different expertise areas, The French Bubble is a space where a photographer,  a painting artist, a clothing designer, and a mental coach and a Pilates teacher combines their life experiences to offer clients something special and unique.


More than a place to go The French Bubble is a SPACE to stop over. Talents and energies of its creators are combined to provide special moments to experience by offering clients a well-being mentally, spiritually and physically speaking. The purpose of The French Bubble is to offer a various of benefits in one safe and cozy place where you can do art workshops with Sandra Encaoua and Nathalie Renauld, take Pilates classes and coaching session with Nathalie Garrison, and update your wardrobe with Nathalie Verre.

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Nathalie Verre

Nathalie Verre was born in South of France and settled in a French small island called Ile de Re for many years where she designed, painted sold cover ups for the beach. A travel to India will change her life,... more

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Nathalie Renauld

Nathalie Renauld left the French Riviera in France in 2015 to settle in South Florida with her family. Art has always been a part of her life from a very young age. She discovered photography at 12 years old... more 

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Sandra Encaoua

Sandra Encaoua, is a French artist, Her works have been exhibited mainly in US and Europe. Trained at the Maison des Arts in France, she teaches painting in her studio in Miami as well as in private structures or at home... more


Nathalie Garrison

Nathalie Garrison started doing Pilates in 2006. She immediately realized that the method was more than a random of exercises to use and has decided to quit her career in Air France to teach it... more