Upcoming Events

Every Thursday, Join us as your convenience between10AM and 4PM to enjoy our workshops!
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Blu Nomad will be open during the day for Conscious shopping experience.

Photo Workshop 
with Nathalie Renauld


"Basic Digital Photography "
for newbies Workshop

Create and print your Postcard !

Price : $30/1h30/person
Bring your phone (iphone/samsung/...)

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Painting Workshop 
with Sandra Encaoua


Enjoy a 1h30 session of Painting, relaxing and fun
Create and print own painting !


Price : $30/1h30/person - Materiel & canvases included

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Mental Coaching & Pilates
with Nathalie Garrison


Enjoy a 30 minutes discovery Session of Pilates or Coaching

Price : $30/30 mins
(individual session)

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