“We don't do Pilates, but we experience situations to understand what it has to offer. Pilates is about the voyage, not the destination” - Nathalie Garrison

Nathalie Garrison started doing Pilates in 2006. She immediately realized that the method was more than a random of exercises to use and has decided to quit her career in Air France to teach it.

She wanted to give people all benefits the method had to offer and she created her first studio in France in 2007 although the method was unknown in her small town.

She worked with a University Professor to elaborate a pedagogical program for Pilates career Instructor and decided to create a certification program in 2014 based on those works. She created Pilates in Oklahoma in 2013 when she moved to the USA.


Now settled in Florida and she is designing private Pilates programs in her studio or at her clientele’s home.

As a Wellness person oriented, she likes to share her acknowledges in healthy food with a specific diet program called CHRONONUTRITION.

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