“Hand reveals more than the painter would have to say by using words” - Sandra Encaoua

Sandra Encaoua, is a French artist. Her works have been exhibited mainly in US and Europe. Trained at the Maison des Arts in France, she teaches painting in her studio in Miami as well as in private structures or at home.

Sandra received a Miami Art Grant 2020 and won the 2018 People Choice Award from the Wellington Art Society. She is a member of the Taylor Foundation (Paris, France) and the Jewish Art Salon (New York). Her works have been listed on the Art Market since 2012.


Fascinated by nature and raw elements, she creates her paintings in a changing, violent and free world. She is mainly interested by natural imperfect patterns. Her painting is subtitle with double exposure and thickened. Processing the material is key for her, who likes to work and mix until it is perfectly in keeping with the pattern. Her art could be named as a Spiritual Painting.



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